When I was 13 years old I used to watch a TV talk show that would host regular international guests, ranging from politicians, activists, but also popular singers, actors and actresses and so on.

There was a voice translating into Italian what the guests were saying in their own language, and I always found it fascinating. That person was making it possible for thousands of Italian viewers to understand what the speaker was saying, and that was happening almost at the same time as the speaker was saying such things, and that’s why I chose a career in languages, I wanted to facilitate communication between different cultures and languages.

I studied translation and interpreting at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, did a M.A. in translation and interpreting in NUIG in Ireland and in 2015 I attended an intensive practice specialisation course for conference interpreting at Harriot Watt University.

Since then, sporadically I have worked as a conference interpreter, and I worked for three years as community and liaison interpreter on a regular basis. Now that I am back in Italy I interpret for international events at Rimini Fiera expo centre.